eUniversity learning management system 2.1

eUniversity learning management system 2.1: eUniversity is a web-based learning management system Module allows creating the schedule of e-classes that a student can attend in real time. Web conferencing with capacities from 3 (free-of-costs) to 1000 participants. Tuition Module allows invoicing for tuition and monitoring student payments. Reports Module allows to receive financial and academic reports. Documents Module allows to make multiple folders, thus cataloging the electronic documentation of a university. Mailer Module e-mail editor,

Colasoft EtherLook 1.0: An easy to use TCP/IP network traffic monitor for the Windows-based platforms.
Colasoft EtherLook 1.0

An easy to use TCP/IP network traffic monitor for the Windows-based platforms. With the abilities of real time monitoring all traffic flowing around the local network and to/from the Internet, you can manage and supervise the corporate network more easily and efficiently. In addition to the Traffic Analysis Module, Colasoft EtherLook has three advanced analysis modules: Email Analysis Module, Web Analysis Module and Login Analysis Module.

protocol, network, smtp, windows, monitor, diagnose, password, http, capture, pop3, 2000, mail, packet

SwToolsMan 1.1: Alternative file system navigation tools in Windows environment.
SwToolsMan 1.1

module: Video manager - tool for grabbing, recording, playback, systematization of the video data. Program module: User`s Database - purpose of the module: to enable the user to create simple databases necessary for storage and systematization of the data in different formats (Word documents, photos, captured frames, fragments of a video, musical compositions etc.). Program module: Tools - module consists of several instrumentation tools - utilities

user s database, file manager, video manager, graph manager

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Armor System5 2.2.2

Armor System5 is a professional, easy-to-use encryption program for everyone who is serious about data security. The program includes three modules: File Encryption Module, Text Encryption Module (with built-in word processor), and Email Encryption Module. Each module takes a full advantage of the 40 industry-standard encryption algorithms and eliminates the need of user management of encryption keys.

armor system5, text encryption, encryption, ambitware, cipher, encryption tools, security, email encryption, file encryption

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Site Map for CRE Loaded 1.3.6

Module - is very powerful and flexible module for dynamic site map generation. With help of this module you will achieve two important goals: · your customers always will be able to find correct page on your site without any problem. Your visitors will like your site! · Search Engine Optimization. If you will use this module in conjunction with XML Sitemap for CRE Loaded module you will get the best search results! Sitemap for CRE Loaded module

cre loaded module, site map for cre loaded, site map cre loaded

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BillingFoodJointsPlus 7.0

Module - Generate VAT and other Reports 8. Security & Backup Module - Takes Backup of the Database regularly. 9. Purchase Module- Purchase of Grocery, goods etc for kitchen. 10. Purchase Return Module- Defective & out of date groceries retuned to the suppliers. 11. Inventory Control System Module- Issue of Groceries & goods to Kitchen 12. Payroll Module (Optional)- Employees Attendance, Salary, bonus, EPF, ESI etc. 13.Rooms Occupancy Module (for

beer bars, ice cream parlours, confectionaries shops, pizza hut type corners, meat shops, sweet shops, fast food joints, bakery, food billing counters, juice shops, canteens, cafeterias, dhabas

HP Pavilion dv4z Notebooks-Wireless HP Notebooks - Pavilion dv4z 1000 Notebook WWAN Broadband Wireless Drivers
HP Pavilion dv4z Notebooks-Wireless

Module HP ev2200 1xEVDO Broadband Wireless Module HP ev2210 1xEV-DO Rel. A Wireless Broadband Module. Prerequisites An HP WWAN Model Notebook - A supported, embedded HP WWAN Module - A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) with data support from an HP Mobile Operating Partner - Wireless Assistant installed (for use with System Software Manager [SSM]) - Power to WWAN must be ON (for use with SSM). Fix/Enhancement: Adds several changes to enhance throughput

dv4z, laptop, notebooks, pavilion, entertainment laptop, computer, hewlett packard

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